Spring Dust Off Mystery Run
Sunday April 25th 2010
Kingston and Wickford
Rhode Island Area
Twelve cars from around New England representing members of CAMO and 4 Seasons participated in the 14th annual Spring Dust Off Mystery Run. The weather was cloudy with rain showers but it did not keep us from enjoying the event. This year's Mystery Run was planned by Frank and Corinne Craveiro and George and Donna Berube. Additional help was provided by John and Carolyn Lynch and family who live in the area. We departed the Holiday Inn starting at 9:30 am at 4 minute intervals following printed directions with "clues" for when to turn and which street to take. The clues took us to several historic sites including the Gilbert Stuart Museum (America's Portrait Artist who painted George Washington); Smith's Castle (built in 1678) where 40 soldiers from the 1666 King Phillip's War are buried; the SeaBee Museum and Memorial Park (the original home of the Navy SeaBees); plus many local spots where we needed to get information for the trivia questions. Everyone finished at the Tavern by the Sea in North Kingston for lunch and to compare stories. There were prizes for worst and best time and mileage and correct trivia answers. The Grand prize for best overall score went to Bill and Matt Thomas of Chelmsford, MA. All had a great time and are ready to do it again next year. Thanks to the Berubes' and Craverios' for a great start to the 2010 AMC car season.

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2010 Mystery Run Start

Group Dinner Saturday Night

The Starting Line

Gilbert Stuart Museum

Smith's Castle Battle Grave

SeaBee Museum

Finish Celebration Lunch at Tavern by the Sea

2010 Mystery Run Planners

Best Overall Score - Bill & Matt Thomas